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MAGE 10 B-3 Smart Curtain kit with 3 meter curtain rod

Short Description:

*Smart curtain kit includes a curtain motor, free-length track , emitter and necessary accessories.
*No tool assistance is needed during the track assembling.
*DIY curtain track assembling, save the time and labor cost due to the special no belt system.
*The curtain kit could connect to different smart home platform, to be integrated into the smart home system through APP control, voice control etc.

Product Detail

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Product Details

*MAGE 10 B-3 Smart curtain pack is suitable for the track length less than 3 meters. The pack has included the curtain motor, adjustable track, remote etc. The picture below shows the system details after the completed assembling.


*Special track driving system without traditional belt, which avoid the belt aging and loosen. It is not only easier the work process but also save the after-sale cost.
*DIY assemble the track as Lego, even workable by children. It simplify the training procedure and time, and save the labor cost.
*Freely adjust the track length, if it happens that end user wrongly measure the window size or wrongly assemble the track size. Just add or remove a shorter track part. It is very convenient and more environmental.
*Power-assisted arm helps the manual pull-up function more smoothly.
*Extended hook fill the final space within 10cm.
*Build-in battery is workable with the solar panel solution, which solve the power resource problem.

Smart curtain motor function

Build-in lithium battery, available by motor control in power failure
Electronic limit, auto limit setting
Obstacle detection function
Manual pulling function
Work with smart home system
3 speed levels


Packaging size: 1152*220*70mm
Packed weight: 4.3kg
Package material: Paper box
In the packing box, it has 1m base track which are all assembled, 2m raw track to be quickly assembled, ceiling bracket, the other necessary accessories, 1 motor, 1 remote, 1 instruction.


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