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MAGE 10 B-4 Smart Drapery Motor Kit with 4 meter track

Short Description:

*Free-length track could match for different lengths of demands. MAGE 10 B-4 can match all the different length within 4 meters.
*Track assembling without tooling
*DIY curtain track assembling, save the time and labor cost.
*Different control models: App control, Remote control, Manual pulling, Voice control

Product Detail

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Product Details

*MAGE 10 B-4 Smart curtain pack is suitable for the track length less than 4 meters.
*Patent track driving system without traditional belt, which avoid the belt aging and loosen.The driving transit box has already integrated the driving mechanism, so that the design is different than any other items in the market.

mage 10 b-41

Smart Curtain Motor function

Build-in lithium battery, available by motor control in power failure
Electronic limit, auto limit setting.The first time of motor power on, it will automatic set the limits position.
Obstacle detection function
Manual pulling function
Work with smart home system
3 speed levels

Track Specification

mage 10 b-42

Track width


Track height


Track thickness


Track weight



When end user choose the curtain fabric, should consider the installation size of the curtain track. From the ceiling bracket to the arm hook, the distance is 51mm. It means the final fabric length= equals wall height minus 51mm.

mage 10 b-43
mage 10 b-44

In order to fit the double curtain tracks, we recommend the curtain frame width at 25cm. As a result, the size to the wall will be 31.5mm and the size between the two tracks will be 63mm.


Packaging size: 1152*220*70mm
Packed weight: 5kg

Commercial Condition

Place of Origin: China
Certification: CE ROHS REACH FCC
MOQ: 500 sets
Sample availability: Yes, please contact export@addwj.com

Supply Ability: 20000 sets per month
Delivery Port: NINGBO or SHANGHAI
Guarantee period: 3 years

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